Friday, November 11, 2011

Playing With Mixed Media

This week I played with acrylics and ink, along with some acrylic mediums like glass beads and sand. This self portrait was for the first installment of 3 we will be completing at a church art group I belong to.  This one is the "Obvious Me"...what people see or think of me when they meet me or life on a daily basis.  I am green and brown because my youngest son says these are the two colours he thinks of me as.  The orange is because one of my best friends told me to put it in because I am so incredibly determined ( I had already planned on orange anyway LOLOL...uh...scary huh?).  This is the first *original* acrylic I have ever completed so I am happy with my first personal project in this medium.  In fact, I may be getting addicted.  Da Vinci acrylics were used and I am liking them very much.